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Architectural Services

PA Architects operate on the philosophy of obtaining for our clients the maximum benefit from the established opportunities and latent potential that their project provides.

We achieve this through:

  1. A design management approach to projects that carefully balances, coordinates and refines the elements of time, cost, quality and resource allocation.
  2. Consistently innovative and engaging architectural design, without excessive budget expenditure. Our practice has developed a proven reputation for cost effective and practical
    design solutions, which are also dynamic and progressive cutting-edge architecture.
  3. Maintaining and advancing a knowledge and expertise of current industry legislation, building standards, by-laws and statutory codes.
  4. An evolving and intimate understanding of building technology, including monitoring contemporary approaches to the use of emerging techniques and materials.
  5. Expertise and experience with multiple software platforms, to produce accurate documentation data ranging from detailed CAD or REVIT working drawings output, through to multimedia design presentations and photo-realistic 3D computer modeling.
  6. Maintaining hands-on contact with the building, real estate and property development industry to enable close monitoring of current and emerging trends and opportunities.
  7. An ongoing commitment to sustainable design principles, which seek to reward both the client and the built environment with an efficient managed design solution.
  8. Effective and responsive communication not only with our clients, but also with local authority officers, sub-consultants and contractors.